There is no Psychic Dena! is operated by the master crooks Maria Magdalena Nirenstein of Argentina and Jens Johannson of Sweden, the same people that operate a huge spell-casting scam ring to defraud  and scam spell seekers for the last couple of years.

Once you email that non-existent Psychic Dena you will get a response by Maria Magdalena Nirenstein or Jens Johannson who also pose as Lee Ann from, (Aset Ka? This is the biggest Joke I have ever seen), Samantha from, Fiona Jones from many many many more websites. There is no Expert Advice on and there is no psychic that answers your questions… you are entering a network of scam, fraud and rip off the moment you click on They use the scheme to get you to trust them and to seek their advice so they can recommend you to their fake spell casting websites that they also operate.

You may be wondering why the non-existing Psychic Dena dedicated a Blog to me.

It is very simple… to lure you into their net of spiritual scams!

As you can imagine the word travels fast when an authentic and genuine spell caster such as myself offers spells that really do work and produce the results clients wish for. Therefore “Aisha Haadi” is a very prominent search term because many people want to visit my website and want my help, want to read my guest book with thousands of positive success stories or may just want to listen to my Egyptian witchcraft music and want to meditate over their problem and to attract positive energies into their lives.

So while my clients search for my prominent website the crooks hope to attract spell seekers that they can then defraud and scam for large amounts of money. Be very careful.

Under different circumstances I would not even give such evil and despicable souls such as Maria Magdalena Nirenstein, Jens Johannson and their entire clan the privilege to be mentioned on the Aisha Haadi Blog or Egyptian Witchcraft Website for that matter… but their victims end up on my website again and then I have to read the horrible scam stories over and over and over again.

Be careful whom you trust. Go with your gut feeling and take the time to read the entire websites of practitioners you wan to work with. The “real” ones all give you enough information to educate you about the services they offer. Be very cautious if there is no physical address and make sure you never ever send any funds via Western Union to anyone. Western Union Payments are the biggest red flag there is.

Thanks for reading and I wish you best of luck in all that you do!  Remember, Magic is real and there are many authentic and genuine spell casters that can and will help you.

I truly apologize for the negative energies that I have inflicted on you today. Make sure to sign up for my free negativity purge spell on my Egyptian Witchcraft Website to remove all negative thoughts and feelings and to attract positive energies and positive feelings into your life.

Blessed be

Aisha Haadi