I receive anonymous emails once in a while, I would very much like to address them right here and now:

“that my guest book is screened and not all entries are published”

First of all, let me make my self abundantly clear, my guest book is a place where many people get their daily dose of hope, strength, and optimism. A place where people voluntarily share their actual positive spiritual journeys and spell results with those who are in need to hear them or read them for that matter. I need every one to understand and respect the fact that my guest book is a sacred refuge to a lot of troubled and hurt souls. I will not publish negative entries posted by all kind of demented people, and that includes envious competitors who try to sell their products and services right from my guest book. They post negative stories that are untrue and ridiculous. You also have the minors who try to use my guest book like some kind of chat room or a hang out of some sort. I also have the anti witchcraft groups that bombard my guest book with threats and negative entries. Yes, my guest book is screened and only positive entries are published, I will not allow any one to ruin my client’s spiritual journey nor will I subject them to be exposed to true lies or deceiving messages. It is as simple as that. This is the main reason why my guest book is screened and will definitely continue to be screened.

“that Aisha Haadi  guest book entries are written by me and are fake”

I must say that this is the most ludicrous lie I have ever heard, it is utterly untrue. First of all if that were to be true, my guest book will be filled to the brim with all kind of stories on a daily basis. In fact, people always email me to remind me to update the guest book. As every one knows, my guest book is updated when ever I get a chance. I never once wrote anything in my guest book, I do not have any time for that. All the stories in my guest book were written by actual clients who received positive results by embarking on a highly beneficial spiritual journey with me. All entries in my guest book are authentic and were written by my completely satisfied clients, this is an absolute fact. All postings are not edited in any way shape or form even those with typing mistakes. Everything is published as is.

My warmest wishes,

Aisha Haadi