“Aisha Haadi, You should not charge for your services and ingredients because true practitioners don’t.”

Please, appreciate the fact that this is a legitimate tax paying, registered business that employs people. Salaries have to be paid. Bills have to be paid. Merchants and suppliers have to be paid. Postage to be paid. Rents to be paid. Legal bills to be paid. Accounting fees to be paid. Advertising fees to be paid. Webmasters to be paid. City, state and federal taxes to be paid. This is not a charity organization of any kind. Please do not ask me to perform free spells for you. Please do not ask me for a discount. Please do not ask me for installment plans. If you are looking for free spells the internet is full of websites that do offer such a thing. I don’t do that. I do not mean to offend any one but I wish to make this crystal clear to every one. The reason I am saying what I am saying is that the majority of people are misinformed or are under the impression that this is free for all. It is so not the case. If someone tells you other wise, then please, kindly go to them.

Wishing you best of luck in all that you.

Aisha Haadi