I receive anonymous emails once in a while, I would very much like to address them right here and now:

“That I ignore my clients emails.”

I have no explanation for this other than these emails are blocked by my spam filter and end up in my spam folder. These emails are automatically deleted. I apologize profusely to any one who may feel that I have ignored them. My clients do know that I always answer their emails even if it may take a few days before I do so. Please, remember that I am spending most of my time in my ritual room performing spells and rituals. I am not sitting in front of my computer every day. I answer my emails every few days, and you can rest assured that I answer all. The only emails that I do not answer are those that contain profanity, disrespectful content, and threats of any kind. At any rate, you will find it much easier now to seek answers to your questions. This part of my website has now improved and you will receive excellent customer service, with much faster response times. If you are a client, or ex-client that may feel that you have been ignored in any way, or are unhappy with my spell work you may contact me or Miriam and tell us what is on your mind. I and Miriam will be here to assist you in any way we can. Contact Egyptian Witchcraft Customer Service

Blessed be*

Aisha Haadi