Things you should know about Aisha Haadi & and a message to my existing clients.

I never once lied to any one nor do I have any intentions to…I consider myself to be an utterly kind and honest woman. My main goal is to help you in anyway I can. My intentions for you are pristine. I put all my heart and soul in all my spell work, I take every case with the highest respect and priority. Every one is important and equal. I judge no one, I hate no one, I hurt no one, no matter what. I never once deceived you nor will I ever deceive you. I refuse to fill you up with false hopes and intentional lies…I make no promises nor do I guarantee miracles. However, rest assured and take refuge in the fact, that I guarantee you, actual spell work will be undertaken for you in the most safest, beneficial, and efficient manner. You will definitely receive authentic spiritual help that will bring the needed remedy to your situation, what ever it may be. I am running an authentic and honest spiritual business that does not accept gifts, gift cards or western union. Know that you are dealing with a truly honest human being not some housewife who has read a book about witchcraft and decided to be on line. You know the kind, they are everywhere. Know that you are dealing with a professional and truly gifted human being, not some Amateur “WANNA-BE” who does not have a clue about the spiritual world, or the real world for that matter. Be aware, very aware, there are a lot of con artists out there who will stop at nothing in order to get your hard earned dollars. As you already know I have been maliciously attacked by a network of scam artists, that claim to be spell casters. Please try to ignore this and don’t let this bother you, visit my website and let me energize you with positive energies. Go to the Hope Lounge and read or write uplifting advice. Visit the Aisha Haadi guest book, turn on the music and find strengths and motivation. Don’t let any negativity get to you, you can alwayspurge it in my negativity purge room.

With all that said, rest assured and take refuge in the fact that my intentions are pure and honest. I am the real thing, make no mistake about it. My spell work speaks the truth about my utter effectiveness and the successful outcome I produce for my clients on a daily basis. ??

I have helped several hundreds of thousands of souls to be reunited with their loved ones, eradicated financial hardships and introduced prosperity, love and utter joy into many souls lives… I must humbly say that I have brought miracles to reality and happiness to humanity.

People from all walks of life visit my website to experience positive energy, to find hope, to find strengths, to find motivation and of course a final solution to their problems. I am offering this in the most authentic form possible. That’s why you receive a talisman, a talisman charged with the energies of your spell. The purpose of my talismans is, that you and only you receive the utter reinforcement of your spell. You can hold it in your hands and you can see and touch and feel close with the spiritual world. Once it arrives and you touch it for the first time you know that you are dealing with authentic spiritual work, and not some kind of magical entertainment. You will know for sure that spell work has been undertaken on your behalf and you can hold the product of it in your hands. You will feel it, you will experience it.

It’s not like other services where you hand out money to an unknown person that you may know nothing about … Most likely and highly likely no spell work will be undertaken on your behalf. On my website everything is explained in detail, you receive a talisman charged with the energies of your spell, that will work on your situation to produce a positive outcome. You will have the option of reinforcement spells at any time, should you feel that your situation needs more energies. You will never be forced, pushed, or convinced to buy anything from me.

This is always up to you. You are under no obligations of any kind.

I have nothing to hide, and everything that people find to be “suspicious” by their own means… has an explanation which I am willing to provide, on my own website, and not on some message board run by scam artists that pose as spell casters. I need everyone to accept and respect this. I decided to create this Aisha Haadi Scam Blog where I will publish my own statements from now on. I have decided not to post on any message boards, forums or news groups because I have tried to do so once and my responses where immediately altered, edited, or deleted and in all cases my user name (“Aisha Haadi”) was banned. The same happened to several clients of mine, that felt very offended in what they read about me and posted their own experiences, just to have them deleted or edited by the moderators or operators of the fraudulent websites and message boards.

My website is about positive things, about strengths and motivation, about how to deal with emotional pain and not to cause you more pain. That’s the main reason. I have several ten-thousands of visitors each day, most of them come to my website to find relief from their pain. Many of them will never use any spiritual help but just my website is helping more people than you can ever imagine, I receive several daily emails from people, thanking me for just putting this website out.

Of course the fake spell casters hate this, because they probably don’t do such a good job with their websites and services and don’t offer their clients as much as I have to offer. It is hard for them to make you buy anything from them, if you just go by the websites that represent them. That is the reason why they need those fake review boards, message boards and rating sites where they try to discredit authentic practitioners and praise their scam spell casters. Be very careful out there and remember to never ever pay by Western Union for any spiritual services or products.

My warmest wishes to you all.

Blessed be*

Aisha Haadi