Today I will make two postings on my Aisha Haadi Scam Blog… These are my final postings because I really want to bring all this “Negativity” to an end.

From now on I want to focus on my website and want to help those that seek spiritual enlightenment, spells and authentic spell work. As a matter of fact, I will soon be launching an Aisha Haadi Blog within my Egyptian Witchcraft website to focus on all the beauty and benefits magic/magick, witchcraft, love spells and love magic have to offer as well as educating my clients about egyptian witchcraft, the different forms of magic and how love spells work and can improve relationships.

During the last couple of months I have realized, more than ever, that magic and spell seekers are smart, educated people that do not need my Aisha Haadi Scam Blog in order to make the right decisions for themselves. It is only those that do not take the time to fully read websites that practitioners publish to offer their services and help.

The most valuable advice I, Aisha Haadi have to offer on how to avoid fake spell casters and love spells scams is to really take the time to completely read and understand the website where the spell casting services are offered on. Genuine spell casters take great pride in their online presence and will ensure that the clients find all information and details to make an educated decision. If it looks shady, it most likely is shady. The other advice is not to send any payments via Western Union. All legitimate businesses do offer Credit Card Payments and also money orders or personal checks. After all, if they are legitimate they must have a business checking account under their business name. Never ever send out Western Union Payments. This is the biggest red flag there is.

At any rate… I want to thank all my dear clients for their support during the time when I was maliciously attacked by fake spell casting services. Your support meant the world to me. And like I have stated many times before it is best not to participate on those platforms and to defend my name and my services because this is what these evil doers want, they want to gain business from spell seekers and create confusion.

And this is the reason why I will now make my final comment on my blog and will leave all of these negative energies behind me. I am not interested in fighting with anyone, I am not interested in exposing scams or frauds on the Internet, I am not interested in proofing anything to anyone and I certainly do not need a Scam Blog to attract spell seekers.

My and Aisha Haadi website as well as my spell work speak for themselves.

I never have and never will push people to purchase anything from me. Spell seekers have to make the decision for themselves and have to go with their gut feeling on what is right for them.

I feel that I have provided all the answers in regards to me, my service, my Aisha Haadi and Egyptian Witchcraft sites that it does not need any further explanations.

I wish you best of luck in all that you do.

My warmest wishes,

Aisha Haadi

PS: Remember, never ever pay any spell casting service by Western Union.