Merry Meet Clients, Friends and Spell Seekers….

So you googled “Aisha Haadi” to find out if I have any complaints? I think that this is a very good move, because finding and hiring and authentic spell caster is not an easy task and with all the many different spells and magic offers on the Internet one can get lost and does not know whom to trust.

I apologize beforehand for polluting your mind with negativity for a moment because you are about to learn of the not so nice things that come with spells, spell casting, psychics, witches and spell casters.

The Aisha Scam Blog was created in 2006 when I was maliciously attacked by a Swedish/Argentinean Spell Scam Ring, that is operated by fraudulent people that claim to be spell casters and “competitors” but as you can imagine I do not compete with websites that engage in fraud, scam and rip off. As a matter of fact I am not competing with anyone because spell casting is not a competition.

Since you want to know if Aisha is an authentic and legitimate spell caster I want to make it easy for you and give you all the details you need to know in order to make the right decision for yourself. After all, there are always two sides to any story and if you really are in search of the truth, you will need to hear my side of the story.

I have been a practicing witch for more than 40 years and when I started my website in 2001, almost 10 years ago, the last thing I expected was to be fought by the scams, frauds and rip-offs of the spiritual industry.

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At this time I did not even know who these people were and only paid attention because they were posting lies and making up complaints that were absolutely untrue. They went as far as spamming the Internet with automatic spam scripts and claimed to be clients of mine and even went to complaint boards and posed as my daughter Miriam to ruin my reputation.

You can imagine how this feels when you have to read things about yourself that are utterly untrue. Please know that there is a big difference between a legitimate complaint by a real client and a “complaint” that is posted by a scam artist because they want to harm you and lure your clients into their net of scam, fraud and rip off websites.

Who is Psychic Dena?

False Complaints against Aisha

Legitimate Complaints against Aisha

I know this is a lot of information and again, I truly apologize if I overwhelm you with so many facts. If you are interested in reading it just browse through my Scam Blog and you will find all the details.

If you are just interested in finding out if Aisha is a legitimate and genuine spell caster or if she is a fraud, a scam or a rip off, I  would like to enlighten you.

To my clients:
I promise you that I will not disappoint you. You have entrusted me with your problems and deepest desires and wishes and I am honored to work for you and to provide you with the best, most potent and most off all genuine and authentic spiritual help that you deserve. I will not let you down and even if you have lost your trust in me temporarily you are always welcome to come back. My door is always open  and I will work for you relentlessly to make sure you will receive all the results that you want, need and deserve. The majority of my clients receive fast and strong results from my spell work but as you already know, each and every case is different and there are sometimes cases that need more attention and energies. Therefore it is important that you let me know about your case because I will continue to help you until you have become one of the thousands of happy clients that have received results with my spell work. I have dedicated an entire page to my clients and I would like to invite you to read it and to renew your trust, hope and believe in me, my service and most of all that you will receive your results.

To spell seekers:
I am not here to convince you or to make you buy anything from me. As I always say… if it does not feel right, don’t do it! When it comes to spells, love spells and spell work it is important that you select an authentic and genuine spell caster that you feel good about. My advice to you is to really take the time to read the Aisha Scam Blog as well as the Egyptian Witchcraft site. You will find many valuable information about me, my services and products as well as authentic spell casting, love spells, magic spells, witchcraft and spiritual help. Only you can decide if I am the right spell caster for you. My door is always open to you and you are very welcome to email me for a free consultation at any time.

At any rate, no matter if you are my client, my friend, a spell seeker or a person that found this blog by accident…. I wish you best of luck in all that you do.

This is my last posting on the Aisha Scam Blog because from now on I want to focus my energy only on my clients, my Egyptian Witchcraft site as well as helping people by improving their lives and relationships through powerful Egyptian magic spells.

My warmest wishes,

Aisha Haadi