I do not want to give the impression that I never ever had a legitimate complaint by a client. Once in a while I do get a complaint.

Unfortunately some people are under the impression that magic and love spells work like a push-button kind of thing and do forget that magick is a process that in some cases takes time. Not in all cases, but in some. Patience is a virtue that not every client possesses. I completely understand that there are times when spell seekers do lose hope and trust in my services and get upset because their expectations were not met.

Therefore it is important that all spell seekers really take the time to read my website in it’s entirety. It happens sometimes that people order from my website but fail to send in the materials, such as hair and wish list or handwritten letter. They never even read the information I provided on my website and then get upset when they do not have their talisman in the mail the next day, they think by ordering “overnight delivery” that all will be completed the next day. Those of you that have ordered my services and products know that it is a process that takes time. That’s the reason why I really put great effort into my website to explain everything step by step but unfortunately not all spell seekers take the time to read it.

You can look up any business or professional on the Internet and you will most likely find a negative review. While I have already explained in detail on the Aisha Haadi Blog that not all reviews against me are legitimate complaints by my clients but “competitors” and “fake spell casting services” there are also reviews that were made by disappointed clients.

I am sorry that their expectations were not met and I wish that they had contacted me to explain their frustration so I could have fixed the situation.

When you go to a Doctor and he prescribes you medication and after a couple of weeks you realize that this medication did not improve your symptoms , do you go on the internet and post entries that the Doctor is a scam or fraud? No, you don’t. You go back to the Doctor explain him or her your situation and ask him to prescribe you a different medicine.

Or another example… when you hire an attorney to represent you in court you will pay a fee up front regardless of the outcome of the case. When you lose the court case and the attorney does not return the fees that you have paid him do you go on the Internet and claim that the attorney is a fraud? No, you don’t

Unfortunately when it comes to spiritual help some people assume right away that they were victimized by scam or fraud which is not the case at all and very unfair to honest, authentic and genuine spell casters, witches and practitioners of magic.

Complaints also happen, when an email is not immediately returned by me, or an email was not received by us or the client did not receive my email. With all the spam filters sometimes emails do get lost and will later be found in the spam folder, however those situations cause frustration on the client’s part and we are working hard to check our spam folder daily and answer all emails that Miriam and I receive promptly.

When you fill out our online email forms please double check your email address. Very often people type in a wrong email address and when we reply the response is returned to us with an error message.

At any rate, if someone has a legitimate complaint against us we are always there to resolve any issues you may have. As long as you do not use disrespectful, insulting and foul language we will always respond and are ready to resolve all issues that arise.

We are always there for our clients,

Aisha Haadi