Today I would like to explain why in fact there are false complaints about me and my services on the Internet.

Recently it was brought to my attention that there are some ill-willed souls who are publishing false lies about me, and my Aisha Haadi and Egyptian Witchcraft service on the internet. This is not the first time this has happened nor will I allow it to continue. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet, the spiritual world is filled with deceivers, liars, and scam artists that will stop at nothing in order to take your money. Use your common sense and be cautious.

Please, allow me to enlighten you, and shed some luminous light on this matter. I never wanted to address this, I guess that now I have no choice but to break this maze wide open, and reveal the truth behind these machinated false lies…engineered lies put together as a lame smear campaign against me.

You may be wondering, who are these ill-willed souls?

Well, they fall under several categories, which I will mention below.

While the Internet is a great tool to find information about services and products one has to be very careful when evaluating those information, especially when it comes to the spiritual realm.

Recently I was maliciously attacked by a spell scam ring, that operates several dozens of websites and offers fake spell casting services to defraud huge amounts of money from spell seekers. They operated love spells forums, blogs, review boards and many platforms where they promote their fake spell casting websites and discredited many authentic spell casting services. You have to understand that those fake spell casters need those negative reviews about authentic spell casters to make money.

Makes sense, right?

When  I help spell seekers to solve their problems they won’t return to the marketplace to seek other spells from other spell casters. In fact they return to me over and over again because my magic does work. Why would you go to another spell caster when you have found one that achieved great results for you?

And because I am such a prominent spell caster I am always a good target. For example…. people search for Aisha Haadi or Egyptian Witchcraft to find my website…. of course the fake spell casters want to be found under such a prominent search terms in hopes to confuse and distract you, to make me less credible and to lure you into their net of scams, fraud and rip off.

When reading negative reviews about Aisha Haadi and Egyptian Witchcraft on the Internet be very careful. I am not saying that there are no legitimate complaints, of course there are, because every professional or business gets a complaint once in a while. But 99% of those reviews were put in place by fake spell casters and evil competitors that try to solicit business that way. The best example is the Psychic Dena Blog, a blog operated by a non-existent psychic!

Since the first day I have publicly launched my website in 2001, I have encountered severe competition fueled by hate and pristine jealousy. These devious, envious, jealous evil doers, which authenticity I highly doubted in the first place, decided to launch a malicious smear campaign against me. They had the audacity to machinate lies, and post false and defamatory tall tales about me in their web sites, review boards, guest books and what have you. They have high-jacked my daughter’s identity and used it to post machinated true lies. For every ones information: Neither myself nor my daughter have written anything or rebutted against anything anywhere in the world wide web. We don’t do that.

My clients confidentiality is of up-most importance to me. Period!

That is why I decided to do it right here in my own website. This will set the record straight. Don’t let them fool you.

Some fake spell casters will stop at nothing in order to make money, they spread lies and false accusations with no evidence to back it up with. Some even stole my copyrighted intellectual property right out off my website, they even had the nerve to use it in their websites. I had no choice but to unleash my litigators loose on them, some of these evil competitors did not know what hit them until they found them selves in a serious legal predicament. They stole content and pictures off my websites, some even took my clients personal experiences from my guestbook and published them as their own testimonials in their website. I experienced several hacking attempts from scam spell casters, that tried to alter my clients personal experiences to their own benefit. Some copied the content from my website and misused my name to sell imitation talismans on eBay and other auction sites. An international operating spells scam ring  launched love spells message boards, spell casting review sites, and websites to publish untrue and false accusations against me and other legitimate, authentic and professionally operated spell casting services. At the same time they use these sites to lure you in. Make no mistake about it, you will be offered services and products and mark my word for it, it will never work for you. It never will. I myself registered with such a forum just to be flooded with all kind of advertisements from so called “true spell casters”, be very careful out there. Most people are lured in by deceiving false guarantees and promises that are untrue. Did you ever ask yourself why these services never give you any information on their website? Because they have nothing to offer and in most cases no spell work will be undertaken on your behalf. Most likely you are just handing out your hard earned money to a crook who’s sole motive is to take you for a ride.

People from all walks of of life visit my website to experience positive energy, to find hope, to find strengths, to find motivation and of course a final solution to their problems. I am offering this in the most authentic form possible. That’s why you receive a talisman, a talisman charged with the energies of your spell. The purpose of my talismans is, that you and only you receive the utter reinforcement of your spell. You can hold it in your hands and you can see and touch and feel close with the spiritual world. Once it arrives and you touch it for the first time you know that you are dealing with authentic spiritual work, and not some kind of magical entertainment. You will know for sure that spell work has been undertaken on your behalf and you can hold the product of it in your hands. You will feel it, you will experience it.

It’s not like other services where you hand out money to an unknown person that you may know nothing about … Most likely and highly likely no spell work will be undertaken on your behalf. On my website everything is explained in detail, you receive a talisman charged with the energies of your spell, that will work on your situation to produce a positive outcome. You will have the option of reinforcement spells at any time, should you feel that your situation needs more energies.

You will never be forced, pushed, or convinced to buy anything from me.
This is always up to you. You are under no obligations of any kind.

I have nothing to hide, and everything that people find to be “suspicious” by their own means… has an explanation which I am willing to provide, on my own website, and not on some message board run by scam artists posing as spell casters. I need everyone to accept and respect this. I decided to create the Aisha Haadi Blog where I will publish my own statements from now on. I have decided not to post on any message boards, forums or news groups because I have tried so in the past, and my responses where immediately altered, edited, or deleted and in all cases my user name (“Aisha Haadi”) was banned. The same happened to several clients of mine, that felt very offended in what they read about me and posted their own experiences, just to have them deleted or edited by the moderators or operators of the websites and message boards.

I receive a lot of stories from clients that have been taken by scam artists and report all kind of horror-stories. I never publish these stories on my website, even till this day my clients continue begging me to do so…  My website is about positive things, about strengths and motivation, about how to deal with emotional pain and not to cause you more pain. That’s the main reason. I have several ten-thousands of visitors each day, most of them come to my website to find relief from their pain. Most of them will never use any spiritual help but just my website is helping more people than you can ever imagine, I receive several daily emails from people, thanking me for just putting this website out.

Of course my competitors and especially the scam artists hate this, because they probably don’t do such a good job with their websites and services and don’t offer their clients as much as I have to offer. It is hard for them to make you buy anything from them, if you just go by the websites that represent them.

One more thing: I will not tolerate anyone positing or publishing my copyrighted materials, which include all contents, graphics, pictures, etc from my website as well as all emails, newsletter, instructions, products, or parts of without prior written permission. I have seen some ex-clients posting emails and parts of instructions on websites and I want everyone to be aware of the fact that you are violating us copyright laws and you should immediately remove it. The same applies to my envious competitors and fraudulent spell casters that steal materials from my website and publish it on their own. I am not tolerating this any longer and please don’t be offended when you find yourself in a legal predicament.

If you find any of my copyrighted and protected materials on the internet please inform my legal department immediately. The same applies to neophyte practitioner that use my name and website to lure you in by posting true lies and defamatory statements about me and my services.

Category number 2: Minors and rejected cases

These kids feelings get hurt when I decline their cases due to the fact that they are not of legal age. For some reason, they don’t seem to understand why their cases were declined even when I tell them so. Some send me letters and materials and expect free help from me and await me to send them a talisman. They bombard me with a barrage of not so nice emails, they eventually go to forums and spread lies out of rejection and anger. They too contribute to spreading false lies about me and my service due to the fact that I have refused to perform spells on their behalf.

Category number 3:  Fraud

Some of my clients use fraud to acquire my services by using credit cards that do not belong to them. I had no choice but to legally fight back. They too contribute to spreading true lies about me and my service, due to the fact that I have used all and every legal avenue available to me under the law. Any credit card fraud will be prosecuted to the fullest extend of the law. Unfortunately, I was forced to hire a collection agency due to this type of fraud. Some ex clients of mine thought that they can dispute the credit card charges right after they receive their talismans. Not a smart move if you asked me. Their full names and addresses were provided to my collection agency. Some paid in full and moved on with their lives, while others got their names and credit ruined. Their information was submitted to all 3 credit bureaus… bad credit on their credit report, that is what that means…These not so decent people also contribute to spreading true lies about me and my service.