Ms. Aisha, also known as “ Aisha Haadi, Marat Elfjer”. She has been practicing magic for 38 years. For the past 6 years Ms Aisha Haadi has offered her online spell casting service on, she has helped and till this day continues to help thousands of clients through spiritual means.

On the Internet, a place that celebrates its diversity, being a witch is not that unusual. But Ms. Aisha is a highly seasoned and gifted necromancer with tangible credentials… Several Hundreds of clients have testified and publicly reported the pleasantly surprising yet amazing results produced by Ms. Aisha’s effective spell work.

Ms. Aisha Haadi was born in 1947 in a small village outside of Giza, Egypt. For the last 38 years her gift and profession had made it possible for her to live in many countries, such as France, Germany, England, Belgium, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Monaco and finally the United States.

Yesterday Ms. Aisha has agreed to sit down and speak with me regarding her spiritual practice.

She welcomed me in her ritual room. The very first touch of her hand has triggered the release of warm sensation and spiritual energy… I do not know how to explain it… Something out of the ordinary has taken place. There was an actual exchange of energies between the both of us. Unbelievable but is true.

As we sat down the aroma of pure Egyptian musk fills the room. I must admit once I entered her ritual room I felt this unexplainable peace. I felt as if my soul has relaxed for the very first time, it felt just right…. As we sat together in the restful atmosphere of her spiritually soothing ritual room, a number of questions Bubbled to the surface.

Q: Ms. Aisha Haadi, it is really an honor to be here with you today. I would very much like to take this opportunity to thank you for allowing me to meet with you face to face. First of all I would really like to start with the question, what is witchcraft, and what is a witch?

Aisha Haadi: Witchcraft is the use of supernatural and magical powers. A witch is a person that engages in witchcraft and has an entity that dwells within his or her body. In my practice this entity is what we call the mother spirit. With the help of the mother spirit the practitioner is able to capture several other spirits. These captured spirits will become “working spirits” devoted yet committed to serve and carry out any task with in the spiritual realm.

Q: When did you first feel that such an entity is living within your body?

Aisha Haadi: I was nine years old; I can vividly remember that day and all the events that took place. It was a sad day in my life, that day my mother was called upon to cross over to the other side. To make a long story short my mother has asked to see me. I was brought to the room to say my final good byes. It was then when she told me that I was the chosen one… The one to carry on the family tradition, the practice of Pheoronic Egyptian witchcraft. She asked me to come closer, then ordered me to open my mouth… she spat in my mouth and asked me to swallow her saliva. In that very moment the entity was transferred to me and changed my life completely. The last words I heard from my mother were “do not be sad for me Aisha, death is not the end but the beginning” and I have not been the same ever since…

Q: Who are your clients and how would you describe them?

Aisha Haadi: For decades I have only worked with selected clients. Only a few years ago, my daughters have convinced me to offer my services on the Internet. My clients come from all walks of life. I have an equal amount of male and female clients. Their age ranges from 18 to 70 years old. Most of them are in unfortunate situations that they wish to resolve through spiritual means. Most of my clients have already used spiritual help prior to contacting me and have some basic understanding of the spiritual realm.

Q: How profoundly do you get to know the clients you work with?

Aisha Haadi: It is beyond profound… You have to understand that while performing the spell and evoking the working spirits I actually feel my clients emotions. This is a very difficult, painful, and exhausting process. I feel exactly what my clients are going through. This makes each and every case very personal and it makes me give my all for each and every client. All clients are required to send me handwritten letters explaining their situations. By analyzing their handwritten words I get an in-depth understanding of the entire situation and the potential outcome. By the time the final ritual has been completed the client’s destiny path will change, and positive energies will begin their work in producing a positive outcome.

Q: Do your clients feel anything during your spell casting process?

Aisha Haadi: Yes, there are those who experience a series of vivid dreams, this usually occurs the first night after they touch the talisman. Some report warm sensations in the hand right after they touch the talisman. At any rate, there are others who report friendly spiritual presence in and around their homes. However there are cases when my clients do not feel anything, this all depends on the individual’s sensitivity to the spiritual realm…some feel it and some don’t…

Q: Are your clients happy with your work?

Aisha Haadi: Most clients are very happy with the outcome of my spell work; my spells also remove spiritual blockages, negative energies, bad karma, and all kind of spiritual interferences. That’s why all spells have a positive affect as they do attract positive things into our lives. I am always surprised to find that people spend endless hours cleaning the physical (home, clothes, body) but rarely spend the time to clean and purify themselves spiritually. This makes a spell a great experience for every human soul.

Q: What makes a spell successful and why do some spells fail?

Aisha Haadi: It is important that the intention is right. Some clients resort to magic for the wrong reasons. Another reason is that nobody can work against spiritual laws that protect each and every human soul from harm. When a spell fails it does not mean that the spell caster failed, it means, that the wish was not accepted by the universe. A spell will fail if the client does not follow the instructions properly or discuss his or her spell with others…the success of any spell thrives on it’s secrecy.

Q: You have 38 years of experience in spell casting. Your clients are saying that you have changed their lives and fulfilled their wishes. How many spells have you cast in your life?

Aisha Haadi: I have cast several hundreds of thousands of successful spells during the last 38 years.

Q: There are many websites that offer spiritual help on the Internet. Are all of them real?

Aisha Haadi: Unfortunately, as in any other business, there are bad seeds. Some charlatans make unethical offers and mislead customers and even promise money back guarantees. These thieves of money give a very bad image to the entire spiritual community. I would say about 97% of the spell casters on the Internet are nothing but imposters, swindlers, and sellers of false hope… I highly advise every one to be extremely cautious when it comes to purchasing spells on line. There are three important rules one should follow by selecting a spell caster:

1. Is the practitioner asking for biological materials? A spell cannot be successful without biological materials such as your hair, nails, or tears.

2. Pictures and birth dates are not sufficient enough to cast an authentic and successful spell. Steer clear off websites that do not ask for any biological materials.

3. It is also important that the spell caster prepares the utter reinforcement of the spell that will be sent to the client. All authentic spell casters send the client some kind of talisman that completes the magical circle. A spell will never work if the magical circle has not been completed.

These are basic rules of magic that cannot be ignored…remember that no spell will work without biological materials, no spell will ever work without a talisman… These are facts.

Q: Is true…? Rumor has it that when a person uses a spell, the energies will highly and likely back fire on them or their loved ones?

Aisha Haadi: Yes, it is true when you use any sort of magic even if it is white magic, if the practitioner you hire does not know what he or she is doing, lacks the experience and the know how, then those negative energies can be unleashed on you and there for turn your life upside down in a devastating fashion. People need to know whom they are giving their personal problems to, stay away from dabblers and half-baked spell makers. They can permanently ruin your life, your spiritual path and aura. You will end up with more problems than you’ve started up with. Spiritual matters are serious endeavors that should not be taken lightly. People must use their judgment and common sense before they hire an amature or a neophyte white magic practitioner.

Q: How about black magic such as voodoo, hoodoo, obeah, Santeria, Caribbean magic, and root works… can they also back fire on the person that uses them?

Aisha Haadi: Absolutely, these types of spiritual practices can be extremely ominous to you, and your loved ones. Steer completely clear off these kind of practices. Some clients reported that right after their spells were cast, their lives turned upside down in every aspect of the way. Everything went from good to worst in a domino- effect series of bad events where each problem led to another. Be aware, be very aware. Black magic of all sorts can bring nightmares to your reality. If you have ever used any spells related to black magic and the practices I have mentioned above… For the love of god, I strongly and highly recommend that you get your selves immediate spiritual assistance that will cleans your soul and spiritual path from all these evil energies that are now in you and all over you.  I find it irresponsible of these practitioners to offer these practices without some kind of warning. Desperate souls are not aware of what they buying into and will suffer from ominous spiritual consequences they don’t know anything about. The Power Ritual Combo has been specifically designed to clear and cleanse a persons soul and spiritual path from all negative energies and blockages

Q: Are your spells safe?

Aisha Haadi: Yes, my spells are 100% safe. All my rituals include a 7 layer spiritual shield that will protect the client and their loved ones from any spiritual harm. I would never allow anything negative to happen to my clients or their loved ones for that matter. As their spiritual advisor and practitioner I’m responsible for providing a 100% safe spiritual journey. My work is 100% safe I guarantee it and proudly stand behind it.

This interview with Ms. Aisha Haadi Elfjer was unavoidably interrupted due to some emergency spell work that she had to take care of. This interview will continue at a later time.

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