Egyptian Love SpellsAncient Egyptian magic love spells are the oldest love spells which are timeless considered to be very potent as far as results are concerned. According to us Egyptians, magic love spells are older than the gods themselves. Egypt has and had a very well organized social system where society has to follow strictly the led down rules.  It is the first place to put rituals and spells into single tradition of magic. Egyptian magic became the foundation of most European schools of magic which includes renowned Hermetic tradition.

Love spells are a very small part of the Egyptian magical heritage, but an extremely potent and important one.

Rules of Egyptian Magic Love Spells

Egyptian love spells are shaped by the unique rules to Egyptian magic along with that it also complies with the Rule of Threefold and other important spiritual laws. Egyptian magic does not have any categorization likes white and black magic or the difference among good or evil spells. If the spells targets an ill intention they are evil and if its targets heel or help it is considered to be good. These definitions of good and evil spells even persist today. Hence the affect of love spells depend on whom exercise them. The Rule of Threefold also applies here, so black magicians are likely to suffer great on misusing the spell.

Casting an Egyptian Love Spell

Most of the Egyptian love spells are based heavily on amulets and written spells. Writing and reading the written chants increase the spell effectiveness. Here is the example to cast love spells according to Egyptian magic:

First, make a figure of a dog of wax and gum having a length of around 20 inches. Light a white candle. Then you write your name, the name of the person whose love you want and the name of Egyptian god of Re-Harakhte on the rib of the wax dog. Focus on the dog and your wishes for 13 minutes. Blow out the candle and allow the spell to work for you.