Scam and Fraud in Spell Casting

Recently a spate of spell casting frauds and scams have rocked the world of Egyptian witchcraft. Suddenly, people have found out that the so-called spell casters that they have trusted so well have turned out to be downright cheats and are only after their money. In fact, these poor people have found out that they received nothing from these spell casting services but false hopes and a bundle of lies. No spells were ever created for them; even the people they were conversing with were fake.

And all these scams and frauds have been exposed just because of the consistent efforts of one woman — Aisha Haadi Marat Elfajer.

One of the biggest exposés that Aisha made was about the website This was a spell casting online service till Aisha Haadi exposed on her blog that this website was actually run by scammers Maria Magdalena Nirenstein and Jens Johannson who were playing the role of Psychic Dena alternatively. In fact, she exposed that there was no one by the name of Psychic Dena. And when she exposed the truth of Psychic Dena, she actually found out a string of similar operations that were also operating in such fake ways. She found out that websites such as and were also operating in highly suspicious ways and proved that they were all sham scams as well operated by the same individuals.

But who is Aisha Haadi herself, and how did she find out these scams? Ms. Aisha is actually the most popular Egyptian witch alive today. She has been operating since 40 years and in this period of time she has cast hundreds of thousands of spells to improve the lives of as many people. She is an expert in casting love spells and money spells and general good luck spells. Her clients have always found out that she can use her supernatural skills to make positive things happen for them and this is what has made most of her clients her followers. In fact, her clients are always known to come back to her for repeat business, and that’s what makes her more popular.

Aisha is one of the most popularly searched items in the niche of Egyptian witchcraft today. This is because of the large number of visits that her website and her blog get. People who visit her website once make it a point to visit again or even bookmark it for more information. She also has a guestbook which is constantly updated and which a lot of people from all over the world log in to her website to see.

It is all these reasons due to which Aisha Haadi’s website has become so popular. This is the reason why  people have started taking undue advantage of her fair name. These crooks that she has exposed are such people. They first tried to piggyback on the popular name of Aisha by sullying her name on her own websites. The intention was to seek advantage from the online popularity of her name and boost their own prospects. When they found that happening, they didn’t have any qualms about spoiling her good name.

However, there is only a limit to what people can tolerate something. Even Aisha Haadi found this kind of mud-slinging intolerable and she retaliated by exposing these scams for what they were—scams. And thus began the string of exposés of scams and frauds in the world of spell casting.

If you are planning to hire the services of a spell caster for your needs, you must keep your eyes open. Make sure you visit Aisha Haadi’s blog first so that you know which of these people are genuine and which are not.