Dearest Clients and friends,

When I wrote to you on my Blog about love spells scams, I wrote from my heart. It saddened me a great deal when I received your emails complaining and describing the horrible experiences you have encountered.

It was very painful for me to accept that there were actually such cold-hearted people out there that would do such things to a fellow human soul. There is nothing worse than to take advantage of an emotionally hurt and vulnerable person. These con artists are ripping off thousands of dollars from their targeted victims without casting any spells for them. These swindlers of money even have the nerve to offer money back guarantees.

Please know that these crooks have used my name, Aisha Haadi, as well as my Egyptian Witchcraft content without my permission and that this will not be tolerated. At the same time they started the to publish untrue, false and manipulated reviews about me so it will op up in search engines when you search for “Aisha Haadi” that my customers and clients can be deceived and victimized by these scam artists.

I will not tolerate that anyone is using my name, my content or my clients to scam and defraud people and this is the reason why I am exposing this massive love spells scam ring right here on my website.

They do not have the slightest clue of what a spell is or what witchcraft stands for. They make these ludicrous sham offers in order to trick naive people to purchase their fraudulent services, and then they run off and cowardly shut down their websites in order to avoid the fact that they have to honor their money back guarantees…These sellers of false hope have no idea of what kind of profound psychological damage they inflict upon their victims and what a bad name they give to the entire spiritual community.

There are currently several websites that are operated by the same person, Maria Magdalena Nirenstein and her Swedish Money Mules. They offer you false and manipulated reviews to trick you into buying their fake services. I have mentioned them in my website before but now is the time when I will expose them for whom they really are. Scam

thebestof2worlds scam
TheBestof2Worlds is a platform to promote scam spell casters and the websites that are operated by Maria Magdalena Nirenstein and her Swedish Money Mules.


Psychic Dena Scam

Psychic Dena from
Psychic Dena at does not exist, there is no Psychic Dena. Her Aisha Haadi Scam Blog is used to blackmail Aisha Haadi.
Do not fall for this scam.


angleblueessential scam

angelblueessential scam · Angleblueessential -> SCAM
Another Scam Platform operated by Maria Magdalena Nirenstein.
Do you see the pattern? All those platforms promote the same scam spell casters. For a Complete List click here:

SCAM! scam scam

Another Scam platform


lovespellscasters scam scam

lovespellscasters at
There is no Klara at, it is Maria Magdalena Nirenstein that will recommend you one of her spell scams. Be very careful.

SCAM spells reviews · Fake Reviews that promote their spells scams -> SCAM

See the pattern? All the same “spell casters” are promoted by Maria Magdalena Nirenstein and none of them does exist.


lucid-visions scam

lucid-visions and Scam

Same as above, another platform created by Maria Magdalena Nirenstein

SCAM scam

magick-within and Scam

Same as above, another platform created by Maria Magdalena Nirenstein

SCAM scam

spells4free scam
spells4free is claiming to offer free spells but in reality they want your email address so they can spam you with fake spell casting offers via email.

Also note that spells4free is sharing the same hosting with Psychic Dena and several other websites.

These sites are all operated by an Argentinean woman, called Maria Magdalena Nirenstein, 30 years old living in the wealthiest area of Buenos Aires, if not entire Argentina as well as Jens Johansson, 33 year old living in Kiesta Sweden, married and has 2 kids. And let’s not forget Osvaldo Jorge Marchioni also in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

If you go to: and enter their Domain names you will quickly realize that most (if not all) of their websites are hosted on the same server.

Psychic Dena for example is sharing it’s hosting at WEBSITEWELCOME.COM with,, and several other websites. Right there is the proof that those sites are operated by the same culprits.You can easily check this yourself by your own research and if you continue reading my blog you can put one and one together and you will know that I am writing the truth.

They are notoriously known within the spiritual industry to have a long history of defrauding people of hundreds of thousands of Dollars. For those of you that came across their fake websites and are confused about what to believe I highly recommend that you take the time to read my article and blog.

The spell casters listed in my article do not exist. They are created “identities” by Maria Magdalena Nirenstein, Jens Johansson, and Osvaldo Jorge Marchioni. They do not cast any spells for you. They do not even know how to cast any spells or what a spell is for that matter. All they know is how to create little websites and review sites to deceive and manipulate victims into buying their fake services. They hang out in their own forums and chats all day to trick you into buying their fake spells. These are solid facts even they cannot hide from.

Here is a list of identities that they are currently using but there are many more that are operated by the same crooks: – Lee Ann at – Isidore Bonjoko – High Spirit-Priestess Faera – Angel-Priestess Maria Priestess Samantha Venus – Priestress Fiona – Nemue, Nimue or Fay – The Circle of Nemue – Temple Atlantis – Deborah –  Sharon Notre-Dame – Madam Siena – Altea – Priest David from provenlovespells – Josue J. Lenoir – Luther Joseph LaFortune Professor Jorge – Gwendyth

Please be aware that none of their website offers an actual address, no mailing address, there are no payment options listed on the websites, they will send you a link with paypal, western union or moneygram instructions once you inquire and all those payments go to the same people in Argentina and Sweden. They even have some Money Mules in Switzerland and France. That’s why you should be concerned because a “real” business or website always has a merchant account, posts the address and has no need to hide behind anything.

That’s why I always stretch on the fact: NEVER EVER PAY BY WESTERN UNION! If they were real, they had an actual address, would ask you to send the money to the practitioner and not some “assistant”.

If you are interested in how this spells scam operates read on!

I first recognized them in 2005 when they started a web forum that they named and called themselves “Peter Faith”…. Peter Faith claimed to be a professor in mysticism and occultism, graduated from the University in Wales. Such courses never existed nor did any Peter Faith ever attend that university. Peter Faith himself did never exist. In fact this forum was operated by a crook, an Argentinean 30 year old woman called Maria Magdalena Nirenstein and a 33 year old Swedish man called Jens Johansson. They also operated other websites, which were highly praised spell casters in their forum. They would not allow anyone to say anything negative about their websites and would immediately ban users if they questioned the authenticity of the forum.

Back then they were using the following identities and pretended to be practitioners of the spiritual realm: 

Adriana Gladys from

Cinthya from

Luther Lafortune from

and several others…

Victims got on to them and found out that all emails from these websites were answered from the same computer and all these fake practitioners had their western union payments sent to Jens Johansson in Kiesta Sweden. Sometimes he was the son of Shaman Rolf, and then he was the apprentice of Professor Jorge, the brother of Sharon Notre Dame, the assistant of Donald Yung etc.

You may still come across some web forums that discuss these liars in detail. Just search for “peter faith spellsreview” or click here and read how victims felt betrayed and lied to and how Maria and Jens were forced to shut down their websites. They disappeared for a couple of weeks and then re-appeared with new websites and new identities.

This time around they created a review board called: …. They made it look like it was a review site operated by experts, but again Maria Magdalena Nirenstein in Argentina as well as Jens Johansson in Kiesta Sweden operated it. Simultaneously they created several spell caster websites that were highly promoted and highly praised on the review board just like they did before with Peter Faith and the forum. There was no truth to any of the reviews.

One of them was Donald Yung, of course he never really existed, Jens and Maria were behind it and stole the entire website content from an Italian practitioner and made up awards that Donald Yung never achieved. They asked for up to $9000 for fake spells and offered all work 100% money back guaranteed. Unfortunately for those that actually believed in him they shut down the website after 3 months and closed their paypal account… nobody ever got their money back. This is what they call money back guaranteed love spells.

They also “created” Tori from, Gaiia from, and Psychic Dena from

They were all highly praised on and that’s how they lured in thousands of victims defrauding them of several hundreds of thousands of Dollars. They never cast any spells and none of their victims received any results. Victims started complaining and realized that Donald Yung, Tori , Gaiia, and Dena were operated by the same person. Same typing mistakes, same choice of words and of course same IP numbers. Again Maria Magdalena Nirenstein and Jens Johansson were forced to shut down their websites. If you search for “Donald Yung Scam” you will find thousands of victimized souls complaining about these crooks. Click here to search the Internet with Google

After I published their scam scheme on my site I received an email from Maria Magdalena Nirenstein written from her personal email address which is:

“You ppl are sick, you are ruining for all, including yourself. We want you to remove all your shittalk about scamming or we will spam the Internet showing all you are the real scammer. It’s a lose-lose situation for you as the whole industry will collapse. This American dumb asses are so stupid if they want to buy our stuff its none of your business. Stop shitalking us in your site. Go back to Egypt and take care of your stinky camels, that’s were you belong. You ruin us we ruin you. We duno care if you are real. Mind your business!”

That’s the last time I have heard from them. I never removed them from my site nor did I respond to her insulting, threatening and disrespectful email.

Since then I have exposed these charlatans and educated clients about authentic spell casting. These crooks are losing money on a daily basis. People are aware of their scam and do not buy from them any longer. They are so mad at me for exposing them for who they really are that they’ve just started another malicious smear campaign against me and my website. They are spamming the Internet and forums with manufactured lies. There is no truth to it and it is their desperate attempt to lure you into buying their fake services. Please keep on reading as this article contains very valuable information that you all should be aware of. Please take the time to read it.

I don’t mean to brag, as I am a very humble person, everybody knows that I am the #1 authentic spell caster that says the truth. No fake guarantees, no lies, no deception! I keep it real with my clients. There are clients that are like sons and daughters to me, clients that I have known and worked with for many years. Clients that believe in me and clients that trust me with their most inner problems and situations. Clients that I would never let down or disappoint. I have an entire client base standing behind me. People that are with me and are repeat clients for many years. I will not allow these imposters and fake spell casters to ruin my name within the spiritual community or allow anyone to ruin the spiritual journey of my clients.

I am providing my services on the Internet since 2001, that’s more than 6 years, and have until recently never mentioned any practitioners of magic in my website nor did I ever say anything bad about any spell caster. I received a lot of bad comments about practitioners in my guest book but never published any of them. I never wanted to get into exposing liars, deceivers and thieves. All I actually wanted to do is to focus on my clients and not to waste my valuable time with Blog messages like these. It is pure negative energy that I do not like to spread towards my dear clients, but these people have left me no choice but to expose them for whom they really are.

Always keep in mind that there are many honest and authentic spell casters on the Internet. You will never see me saying anything about anyone that actually casts spells for his or her clients and offers a legitimate service. Unfortunately during the last couple of years many of these so called “fake services” popped up, by polluting the search engines with disingenuous offers and using deceiving means to lure you in.

Let me get back to Psychic Dena, I told you earlier in this message about her. She was one of the identities from Maria Magdalena Nirenstein, Jens Johansson and Osvaldo Jorge Marcioni. They were forced to shut down the site because people realized she was operated by the same people as Tori, Gaiia and Donald Yung.

On her main page you see on the right that she sends people for “Clients reviews of spell casters” right to, which is the “new” review board from Maria Magdalena Nirenstein, Jens Johansson and Osvaldo. Look at the huge banner on top that links to, When you email “Psychic Dena” and ask her for Expert Advice she will highly recommend the websites listed in this article and that they are all operated by Maria Magdalena Nirenstein, Jens Johansson, and Osvaldo Jorge Marchioni.

She dedicated a blog to me. Business must be really bad for them. She writes in her blog about brainwashing. I am not brainwashing, I write from my heart and touch people’s souls. She is brainwashing her victims by creating these misleading Expert Advice sites, false and manipulated review boards, and of course Blogs filled with lies.

What does she know about spell casting? Nothing, she is a 30 year old woman, that sells E-Gold on ebay, used to operate illegal gambling sites, created fake spiritual characters and defrauded thousands of people, A crook is what she is. She certainly is not my competitor.

Always remember: Psychic Dena does not exist, she is an identity created by Maria Magdalena Nirenstein, Jens Johansson, and Osvaldo Jorge to mislead you and trick you into buying their fake services. – Lee Ann They call her Lee Ann this time. In case you do not know it yet, but there is no Lee Ann, the site is operated by Maria Magdalena as well as Jens and Osvaldo Jorge. Just look at the former website of Cinthya and you will know what I am talking about. Actual victims have provided me with their payment receipts and again all funds are send to Argentina via Paypal or via Western Union to Jens Johansson in Sweden and Osvaldo Jorge Marchioni in Argentina. Same IP address and same typing mistakes as the other sites. The pictures came with a free website package that she purchased on Ebay for 4.99 as most of the other pictures that they use throughout their many websites. Like I have stated many times, these spiritual characters listed here do not exist. It’s all Maria Magdalena Nirenstein, Jens Johansson and Osvaldo Jorge – Professor Jorge Again all emails are sent from Argentina (IP He is the new Donald Yung. Just look at the similarities of Donald Yung“>Donald Yung’s former site and Professor Jorge’s website. There is no truth to his service. He also wants you to send Western Union payments to the same person in Sweden. Just like Donald Yung did. – Lee Ann at – Isidore Bonjoko – High Spirit-Priestess Faera – Angel-Priestess Maria Priestess Samantha Venus – Priestress Fiona – Nemue, Nimue or Fay – The Circle of Nemue – Temple Atlantis – Deborah –  Sharon Notre-Dame – Madam Siena – Altea – Priest David from provenlovespells – Josue J. Lenoir – Luther Joseph LaFortune Professor Jorge – Gwendyth

All these sites are operated by Maria Magdalena Nirenstein, Jens Johansson, and Osvaldo Jorge Marchioni. All websites share the same paypal accounts, all have their western union payments sent to Jens Johansson in Kiesta Sweden, all emails are answered from the same IP address, same typing mistakes all over their sites. If you look very closely you will even find links to their other pages at the very bottom of each page. All these sites are connected and operated by the crooks mentioned above. No spells will be cast for you and you are just buying false promises and lies.

Be very careful. None of the websites listed above are spell casters. They used to be in the gambling business but since it became illegal they are spamming the Internet with their fake spiritual services. There is nothing true about them. Please know that I do not want to hurt any victim’s feelings and I can imagine how hard and difficult it must be for you to find out that you have been taken by a true scam artist that only wants your money and did not even cast a spell for you. Someone you have trusted with your most inner feelings and problems.

I am sending all of you positive energies to give you strength to overcome this pain. Always remember that not all spell casters are evil. There are many spell casters that actually cast spells for you and provide you with authentic spiritual help. Always steer completely clear off services that:

1. Do not ask for biological materials such as your hair, nails or tears.
2. Do not send you a talisman or amulet after completion of the spell work.
3. Don’t have an address on their website
4. Ask you to send Western Union payments.
5. Want to perform magick through the phone or online chat.
6. steer clear off websites that offer you money back guaranteed!

All authentic spell casters will ask for biological materials and will send a talisman or amulet to you. Without this a spell will never be fruitful. Always remember that!

Thank you for reading my article. Next time I will write more about positive things. I need you all to be aware of the evilness of this people so you understand why they are polluting the Internet with fake review sites.

The undeniable truth that these cowards are trying to hide away from is the fact that Maria Magdalena Nirenstein, Jens Johansson, Osvaldo Jorge Marchioni are the owners and crook operators of: – Lee Ann at – Isidore Bonjoko – High Spirit-Priestess Faera – Angel-Priestess Maria Priestess Samantha Venus – Priestress Fiona – Nemue, Nimue or Fay – The Circle of Nemue – Temple Atlantis – Deborah –  Sharon Notre-Dame – Madam Siena – Altea – Priest David from provenlovespells – Josue J. Lenoir – Luther Joseph LaFortune Professor Jorge – Gwendyth

Do your research, all these facts can be confirmed by your own research. Don’t let this crooks fool you, if you take the time to do your research and analyze their websites you will know that you are dealing with professional crooks. Such despicable souls…

Maria Magdalena Nirenstein is the master head crook behind this operation, Jens Johansson and Osvaldo Jorge Marchioni are the money mules that collected over half a million dollars from western union just last year alone. They share the money with Maria Magdalena Nirenstein. It is just a matter of time before they all hear that knock on the door. All crooks get caught!

My warmest wishes to you all,

Aisha Haadi