Please steer completely clear off these people – these are not spell casters. These are the people that give the spiritual realm and honest practitioners – such as myself Aisha Haadi – a very bad name. They belong to a spell scam ring that operates several hundreds of fraudulent love spell scam websites including the and websites where they promote their scam, attract spell seekers by posting horrible things about authentic and genuine spell casters including myself and try to draw spell seekers into their net of fraud, scam and rip off. They are located in Sweden, and Argentina. They are not who they are claiming to be. They are nothing more but cold-hearted crooks! Their magic does not work as they do not perform any spells for you. I have received several hundreds of complaints about them. Be very careful. These people operate forums, blogs and review boards to discredit authentic and legitimate spell casting services while praising the fake spell casting websites that belong to their scam ring. There is nothing true about those reviews nor about their services. This is a scheme to make money off spell seekers. Be very careful.

Here are some of the identities and websites that are operated by these professional thieves and con-artists:

Read here how Aisha Haadi exposes a Scam Ring: – Lee Ann Divinelovespells Professor Jorge Professor Jorge Sharon Notre-Dame Divinepsychic – Isidore Bonjoko – Angel-Priestess Maria – High Spirit-Priestess Faera Priestess Samantha Venus – Deborah – Dena and Psychic Dena the Scam Artist – Altea – Josue J. Lenoir – Luther Joseph LaFortune – Gwendyth – Donald Yung – Cinthya Adriana – Gaiia – Peter Faith

Aisha Haadi Advice:

Never buy any spells from these websites. Some claim to offer money back guaranteed spells but will never honor it. People have lost tens of thousands of Dollars by their false advertising, false promises, and fake spells. These are not practitioners of magick and their spells will NEVER work for you because they do not even cast spells. They are simply insulting your intelligence. They are just ripping off every one and that includes the government. These are not practitioners but true blue thieves, stay away, you will be glad you did. Do not be taken for a fool by this shysters… Be very careful!

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